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User can choose to download the SPMC/Kodi from below sources. Currently option 1 have best optimization for playback.

1. Third party Android Kodi (SPMC) version 13.4.0 or 14.2.0 can be downloaded from: http://spmc.semperpax.com/

2. Official Kodi (Android ARM) download website: http://kodi.tv/download/

Install Instructions

1. Download the apk to your PC.

2. Copy the apk to your thumbdrive.

3. Plug the thumbdrive to Chameleon's USB port.

4. Use the App Installer to install the apk.

- First Launch - When you launch SPMC/Kodi for the first time after installation, it may take around 20 seconds of black screen during the initialization. Even after the launch, it may run a background online plugins update which may caused a bit of lag on the UI.

- Virtual Keyboard - If you are unable to navigate on the SPMC/Kodi's Virtual Keyboard, please tick/enable (SYSTEM => Settings => System => Input devices => "Remote control sends keyboard presses").

- File Manager Multi-select - SYSTEM File Manager multi-select - you can use keyboard "space" key to select multiple files or folders. Selected item will be highlighted in yellow on default skin.

- kodi.log - You can go to (SPMC/Kodi SYSTEM => File manager => Add source => select <None> => key in "special://logpath" => OK) to copy the kodi.log from logpath to your USB thumbdrive for debugging purposes. For more information you can refer to http://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file.

Framerate-sync Settings

1.  Go to SYSTEM -> Video.

2.  Go to bottom Settings level, press 2 times to toggle to "Expert".

3.  Go up to Playback -> Set "Adjust display refresh rate to match video" to "Always".

4.  If it does not work, try to use remote control back key repeatedly to go back to SPMC/Kodi Home UI and go to the bottom "Power" button to EXIT properly.  Then, launch SPMC/Kodi again.

Video Cache Settings

Some videos required more buffering for it to play smoothly. Video Cache configuration allow user to specify the cache size for video playback.

Please refer to SPMC/Kodi userdata for instructions to apply the "advancedsettings.xml" to userdata folder.

Here are some very plain "advancedsettings.xml" sample file:
- VideoCache 100MB advancedsettings.xml (cachemembuffersize=100MB)
- VideoCache 200MB advancedsettings.xml (cachemembuffersize=200MB)

External Player

This configuration file allow the user to play video on external player.

Please refer to SPMC/Kodi userdata for instructions to apply the "playercorefactory.xml" to userdata folder.

Here are some very plain "playercorefactory.xml" sample files:
- RockVideoPlayer playercorefactory.xml (RockChip VideoPlayer, this only work for firmware since 20141020)
- MXPlayerFree playercorefactory.xml
- MXPlayerPro playercorefactory.xml

Font Settings

So far, we have tested the Chinese Font on SPMC/Kodi by changing the (SPMC/Kodi SYSTEM => Settings => Appearance => Skin => Fonts) to "Arial based".

To view info with different Character set that embedded in the MP3 ID3Tag for example, you may need to change the (SPMC/Kodi SYSTEM => Settings => Appearance => International => Character set) accordingly (e.g. "Chinese Simplified (GBK)").

We have not verified with other font settings, but we believe it should work by changing the Fonts to "Arial based" and Character set accordingly.

Note that, this font settings is also dependent on the skin. Some skins may not provide the same Font settings as above.

Subtitle Character Encoding

If the video's subtitle appeared to be inexplicable, then you may need to change the Character Encoding (SPMC/Kodi SYSTEM => Settings => Video => Subtitles => Character set) accordingly (e.g. "Chinese Simplified (GBK)").

Wrongly Tagged 3D Videos

When you play a 3D video, SPMC/Kodi will auto detect whether the video is Side by side (SBS) or Over/Under (TAB) through Stereoscopic flag embedded in the video. However, sometime the 3D video may be wrongly tagged. For example, a SBS video may be tagged as TAB.

When this issue appeared, you can still change it while the video is playing by going through the (Info Panel => Video Settings => Stereoscopic mode of video). The Video Settings button is in between the subtitle and audio buttons.

For more information, you can refer to http://kodi.wiki/view/3D.