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RK Remote Control is an Android app powered by RockChip to control RK box from Android mobile device. Guidelines below briefly shows how to use RK Remote Control against Open Hour Chameleon:

1.  Download and install this File:RKRemoteControlGeneralCastV2.0.4.apk on your Android mobile device.

2.  Make sure your Android mobile device is connected to the same network as your Open Hour Chameleon.
Rkrc screen1.jpg

You should able to see this screen at first launch. You can swipe left/right to go through a simple screen explanation or press the "Skip ->" at the lower right to skip.

Rkrc screen2.jpg

Select your Open Hour Chameleon device. You can change the default "eHomeMediaCenter" name by going to your Open Hour Chameleon (All Apps => eHomeMediaCenter => Settings => Set the name of the local media sharing).

Rkrc screen3.jpg

This is the mouse mode screen. Mouse pointer will appear on the TV when you use mouse mode. More instructions are on the screen itself. You can toggle between mouse mode and touch mode by pressing the second button from the right just below the mouse pad area.

Rkrc screen4.jpg

This is the touch mode screen. Mouse pointer will not appear on the TV while you are on this mode. More instructions are on the screen itself.

Rkrc screen5.jpg

Press on the keyboard button beside the mouse/touch mode button to open or hide the input text area and 3 buttons as shown on the screenshot. The buttons below the text area are:
1. DEL - used to remove the character in front of the cursor shown on the TV. 2. ENTER - will send ENTER command to the TV (i.e. via Chameleon). 3. Send - when you keyed-in character into the text area, the character will not be shown on the TV immediately. Once you have finished typing, press on this button to send all the characters to Chameleon to show on the TV.

Rkrc screen6.jpg

When you press on the text area, you should able to see this screen (i.e. depending on the mobile device). The keyboard is used to key-in or edit text in the text area above the 3 buttons explained previously.

Rkrc screen7.jpg

This screen contains basic remote control buttons to control the Open Hour Chameleon.

Rkrc screen8.jpg

This is the game mode screen. We only briefly tested on this feature with 1 or 2 games. So far, we have also tested the G-Sensor and Gyroscope features against some testing apps installed on the Open Hour Chameleon and they did showed results when we shaked our mobile device, that's all.

Rkrc screen9.jpg

When you pull out the left tab, you can see 2 buttons. Button on top will bring you to the next screen shown below. Bottom one will let you lock and unlock all the buttons on this screen (i.e. arrows, L, R, a, b, c, d, w, x, y, z) which you can actually re-arrange them while unlocked.

Rkrc screen10.jpg

You can use this list to show and hide the buttons (i.e. arrows, L, R, a, b, c, d, w, x, y, z) on this game mode screen.

Rkrc screen11.jpg

When you press on the "mouse pad" icon located at the center bottom of the previous game mode screen, this screen will appear. This is the same mouse mode and touch mode screens explained previously. You can use the "mouse pad" icon on top to go back to the game mode screen.