Check Versions on Android

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The first step to troubleshoot is always to make sure all the versions are correct. Below are steps to check some basic versions on the system.

Open Hour Chameleon Android Firmware

1.  Go to Advanced Settings.

2.  Select "About" at the bottom of left menu.

3.  The Firmware version will be shown on the right.  For example:

Kernel Version:
jannie@ohl-ubuntuserver2 #185
Wed Apr 8 14:35:52 CST 2015

Build number:
rk3288-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.jannie.20150420.161530 test-keys

Vendor software version:


1.  Go to SPMC/Kodi -> SYSTEM.

2.  Select "System info".

3.  Example version:  spmc 14.2 Git:2015-04-03-0e5bbc5 (Compiled: Apr 3 2015)

Android App

1.  Go to Advanced Settings.

2.  Select "Apps" at the left menu.

3.  Navigate to the right to "ALL" listing.

4.  Select the specific app to show the version.