Burn OS to SD Card and back

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Below are instructions for you to recover/burn the OS image to your SD Card or read/backup the SD Card to your PC.

Please refer to Hardware Info on SD Card preference.

1.  Download the latest "Win32 Disk Imager" from http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/ and install it on your PC.

2.  Download the image file (e.g. [burn]_open_hour_chameleon_[OS]_[VERSIONS].zip) from Open Hour Chameleon SD Card Images to your PC and unzip it.

3.  Plug in the SD Card to your PC.  Windows may prompt to Format Disk if the SD Card contains other OS, just ignore that by click on Cancel button as this is normal. (Make sure you are not using any data in your SD Card anymore.)

4.  Run the "Win32 Disk Imager".  Browse and select the "Image File" (e.g. [burn]_open_hour_chameleon_[OS]_[VERSIONS].img) and "Device" (i.e. the SD Card) accordingly.

5.  Click on "Write" button to burn the "Image File" to the SD Card.  When finished, just plug the SD Card back to the Chameleon and boot.

6.  OR, click on "Read" button to read/backup from the "Device" (i.e. the SD Card) and write to the "Image File" specified (this should be a non-existing file).

For offline firmware update and other types of firmware update, please refer to Android Firmware Update.


- So far, there should be 2 types of Android images.

1. Android image without data partitions
We will release this type of Android image file (e.g. [burn]_open_hour_chameleon_android_[VERSIONS].img). If you burn this kind of Android image to your SD Card and boot up for the very first time, the Android OS will go into "recovery mode" to create the missing partitions while filling up all the available space of the SD Card.

2. Android image with data partitions
Mostly, this type of image is created when you "read" from the Android SD Card that went through "recovery mode" creating missing partitions before. This type of Android image will always retain its original size. For example, if you read from 8GB Android SD Card with data partitions to an image file, and write it to another 32GB SD Card, you will only able to access 8GB of storage instead of 32GB.

- Image File Size - When you "read" from the SD Card, the size of the generated Image File will be as big as the SD Card. You can zip the image file so it should be a lot smaller in size.

- Duplicate SD Card - If you "read" from the SD Card to an image and write that image to another SD Card, you will be duplicating exactly what is on the original SD Card to the new SD Card including all the data, accounts, MAC Address and etc. If MAC Address is absent on the original SD Card, the new SD Card will not have MAC Address too.

- MAC Address - Our image file does not contain MAC Address. You will get different and random MAC Address every time it boots. Meaning you should also get different IP Address from your DHCP router. For Chameleon Android OS users, you may want to refer to this Burn MAC to SD Card.